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Fullcircle Siamese

True Siamese quality breeding



Awesome Seal Point look at those eyes


Awesome Seal Point look at those eyes

Oashie Imp USA Stud

I've hung out the washing Walk NOW?

Oashie Imp USA Stud

I've hung out the washing Walk NOW?


Welcome to FULLCIRCLE SIAMESE the "ACATamy" of Awesome looks and Amazing "PUSSINALITIES" and "CATTITUDES"!!!!



L J HOOKER PICTON AWARD FOR BEST PURE BREED SIAMESE CAT BRED BY EXHIBITOR. We are very proud to be recognised as a SUPREME Cattery and know our breeding program is of such high acclaim and our cattery is now fully recognised as an optimum breeder of Pure Breed Siamese Cats. 

Although we do often have kittens available, we are very fussy just where they go, and do a check on our prospective new parents to ensure our kittens go to the best of homes. We do have waiting lists but we know our babies are definitely worth the wait. After all, your new member of the family is hopefully going to be with you and your family for more than 15 and maybe 20 years. We do take deposits but only after you have visited our cattery and gotten to know our cats, their pussinalities and looks need to be able to suit your family lifestyle as well. So you can put your name on our list and we can let you know as soon as we know we have a litter.

Our kittens are among the best quality PURE Siamese available in Australia, proven only in February 2016 for being chosen as the winner or the JOYCE SELBY AWARD for that exact thing..... Best Pure Siamese......

We endeavour to continue to improve and protect our original Siamese, catering to the select group of people who only want the best of the breed at affordable prices. 

Our breeding with FULLCIRCLE SIAMESE Queens have been extremely particular.

The Studs we have used in the past have had impeccable credentials and looks and have given us beautiful babies full of character and type.

NOW, Our VERY OWN USA import Stud, he is a superb

LILAC POINT of amazing type (more the true style not the newest extreme fad!) He is producing awesome babies, with our four of our five Queens. Our LILAC POINT AQUA is Oashie's daughter, so we send her to an IMP. Seal Point Stud (Jpn) Yumi.

We now are awaiting our two beautiful girls Inca (our young Blue Point) and our stunning Seal Point girl, Tuiki to have a week with Oashie and hopefully we shall have two litters fairly close together to parade amongst the chosen new parents in a couple of months.

Our kittens are already proving to be of the ideal breeding, winning in kitten classes in the show rings. Our beautiful young kitten


JOYCE SELBY AWARD WAS BEST PURE ONE BREED SIAMESE AND ALSO THE L J HOOKER PICTON AWARD FOR BEST PURE ONE BREED SIAMESE BRED BY EXHIBITOR. This was the last litter's stunning SHOW kitten by dam Fullcircle Alysha TUIKI and our very own USA Imp Stud Kaluamoa OCEAN EYES. (aka OASHIE). Tuiki had 2 Blue Points, 2 Chocolate Points, 1 Lilac Point and one Seal Point. Quite the catch considering she is a Seal Point and Oashie is a Lilac Point.

OASHIE our USA import is proving to be the best daddy we could imagine, the progeny is not only gorgeous, great type, long tails, great head and allowing a variety of the FOUR PURE SIAMESE COLOURS. Our beautiful ALLURE, DEJAVU (both Chocolate Points) and our FULLCIRCLE queen TUIKI (Seal Point) Plus INCA, who is a Blue Point. Now FULLCIRCLE AQUA is our youngest queen. Our cattery is producing the right type, look and pussinality to suit everyone. Show quality in every litter!!!!

Congratulations to those people who have already put their deposit on the kitten of their dreams.

We are of the opinion that our cats should remain of the PURE SIAMESE ONE BREED and not incorporate any other later introduction of another species of cat to create something no longer PURE SIAMESE. Only selected breeders will be invited to take our male in a breed program which is going to be carefully overseen by us and our mentors of the PURE SIAMESE CAT breed program. We are a closed stud at this moment, we are watching with interest the incredible babies we have been able to produce with Oashie, and have been excited by the results in the show ring already.

Our lines remain true to the original type and Siamese standard.

Our Queens are very loving and are loved by us. They do not spend their lives in a cage, they spend most of their days on our bed!!! Sometimes to the detriment of the mere human who is their slave when they are awake. The unfortunate one in our cat family is our beautiful boy, who would love to live inside with us, but has his own two bedroom apartment, which was built for him for his comfort, he entertains his lady friends in spacious and comfortable surroundings. He also enjoys almost daily walks on his lead around his own 2 acre garden.

A Siamese Cat is not the ideal pet for everyone.

They are extremely intelligent and are very different to the normal feline. They want the interaction with their human and can want to help you read your book, work on your computer, even help you do the washing, as one of mine often does. They like to be with you almost child like, wanting to assist in every possible manner... so it may even be said that they can be quite demanding and talkative, so not everyone wants such an interactive little "pussin" as these guys.

So we have to ensure that they go to the perfect home. Your kitten has the current slaves trained to their beck and call. You practically need a note if you break their promise, they hold you to ransom if you ignore their requests. They need a warm and comfy bed (preferably yours!!) You will have to learn how to talk Siamese as these cats will talk to you and get cross when you don't understand them. It can be hilarious!!

They need to know that their slave is willing to play fetch, take them for a walk or laze in the sun with them. They are usually very happy to go in the car as long as it is not always to the vet. They can fetch, carry, jump on command and come when you call. They aren't like a dog, but more like a human. They are more loyal than most other animals, yet very happy to be in a family atmosphere as well.

They suit any type of home; single or large family and they get along with other animals and people. We are reluctant to sell our kittens to someone who is going to leave them outside as they are easily recognised as expensive animals and can be stolen or even killed. Even microchipped, as they are, is not the foolproof way to get your valuable kitten back.

The potential owner is someone who is willing to be loved and laughed with and have a huge potential to enjoy the most unique cat in the world. They will have your heart strings thumping in no time and you will never regret your choice of cat. You are welcome to visit FULLCIRCLE SIAMESE, just give us a call and come on over.

Are you willing to adopt someone who is going to take over your life???

Your kitten will give you unlimited love and companionship and enjoy you as much as you shall enjoy your FULLCIRCLE SIAMESE KITTEN.

Call Sharryn or John today:

02) 4677 0061     or    0414 567 895 (Sharryn's mobile) 

We are located at Wilton, Sydney, NSW Australia 2571